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Colleges in Russia

The FMGE Screening Test was introduced by the Screening Test Regulations 2002. According to the instructions, "an Indian national with an essential therapeutic capability granted by any restorative foundation outside India who is desirous of obtaining temporary Permanent enlistment with the Medical Council of India or any State Medical Council on or after 15.03.2002 may be required to pass a screening test led by the endorsed expert for that reason, according to the Medical Council of India's arrangements." Have essential therapeutic capabilities recognized by the government of the nation issuing that capability, and the holder of that capability is entitled to training in that nation. The aforementioned restorative school must be listed in the WHO registry of medicinal schools.

Qualification Criteria For MBBS In Russia

  1. The understudy must be 17 years old by the 31st of December of the year of confirmation.
  2. Half-stamps in the twelfth standard examination should have been obtained by the understudy. Understudies with a place in the SC/ST and OBC classifications are qualified with 40% checks in the total twelfth standard examination.
  3. The understudy must be at least 17 years old by the 31st of December of the year of confirmation.

Half of the checks in the twelfth standard examination should have been obtained by the understudy. Understudies with a place in the SC/ST and OBC classifications are qualified with 40% checks in the total twelfth standard examination.

Why MBBS in Russia

For a long time, there has been no better way to learn from experts in this field. For a variety of reasons, one should consider thinking about moving to Russia.

Education with minimal effort – The Russian government has sponsored education in which an understudy pays approximately Rs 2.5 – 5 Lakhs per year for charges and convenience. A sufficient number of seats for all students, as well as a high patient-to-specialist ratio in light of the size of healing facilities.

Government establishments, globally recognized degrees, and authorization by the Therapeutic Committee of India and WHO makes the understudies qualified to practice in any country they deem appropriate.

Understudies are prepared for the MCI screening test in order to be enrolled to train in India.

The course is taught in English, and the understudy will also be taught the local Russian dialect so that they can communicate with the local patients. Throughout the fourth, fifth, and sixth years, specialists (students studying MBBS in Russia) in doctor's facilities act as coaches and begin with the understudies educating in Russian.

The college's educators are well-versed in MCI controls, as well as the syllabus and examples of these exams. During this time, an Understudy is being prepared for the MCI screening test. The student is also prepared for the USMLE arrangement, which is the selection test for studying or practicing in the United States.

Secure understudy offices with all-around outfitted inns.

Confirmation Process for MBBS in Russia Medicinal Universities 2016

The confirmation strategy for MBBS in Russian Medicinal schools/Colleges is simple and straightforward; interested candidates should follow the steps outlined below to begin the confirmation procedure in Russian therapeutic schools Colleges.

MBBS Admission in Russia

Russian Therapeutic Colleges do not require Indian understudies to pass any selection tests, for example, the GRE, TOEFL, CET, and so on, to get a confirmation in Russian therapeutic colleges for MBBS, MD, and MS. MBBS Confirmation in Russian therapeutic colleges is on a first-come, first-served premise, subject to the hopeful meeting the qualification necessities set by the university.

Follow these steps to begin the process of MBBS confirmation in Russia.

Confirmation started in every single Russian medical school. Classes will begin on September 1st, but we encourage understudies to apply early because there are a large number of candidates from all over the world and the seats are limited and thusly are given entirely on a first-come, first-served premise and rely on the college's last discretion based on the accessibility. As a result, candidates who apply early have a competitive advantage.

Here is the well-organized nitty-gritty information on the most proficient way to begin the process for affirmation in MBBS in Russian medical schools. We urge you to read it thoroughly and give careful consideration to all stages. Please do not hesitate to make any inquiries at any stage.

Visit or call any of our offices/agents for a free advising session, during which detailed information about the qualification criteria, various colleges, course fee structure, affirmation process, accreditations, and Assistance Expenses of Mainland Instruction Experts will be provided. The understudy and guardians must embrace ventures that he/she considers important in order to fulfill himself/herself with regard to the choice of contemplating MBBS in Russia and the affirmation process.

The understudy should fill out the admission form and send it along with a copy of the Higher Auxiliary School Declaration with the subject's details and stamps to the CEC email address: admission@studyinrussia.co.in.

An understudy must pay Rs.20,000 for college application fees at this stage. This can be done through a Request Draft made payable to Mainland Educational Advisors in Delhi/New Delhi or through a bank transfer to our HDFC Financial account 13502560001072 Preet Vihar Branch, New Delhi, IFSC Code: HDFC0001350.

Such an application is forwarded to the relevant College. Within one week, the college will send a confirmation letter confirming the seat reservation. The college sends the first letter. This letter of approval is then given to the understudy. At this point, the understudy is expected to make a payment of Rs. 30,000. (At this point, the understudy must present his Passport.) Next, CEC will apply for the Welcome LETTER, which is an official report issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian organization. Looking for the Welcome letter is an annoying task that takes around one month.

Following receipt of the INVITATION LETTER and Unique Visa, CEC will apply for a student VISA from a Russian international safe haven or department. When the visa is stamped on the travel permit, the understudy must pay Rs. 30,000 deposit.

At this point, the understudies should begin preparing for their departure to Russia. Furthermore, the voyaging understudies will be given a list of fundamental guidelines and basic things. The understudies will be informed of the date of movement.

Understudies must also ensure that all essential archives are gathered in that capacity records should be introduced at the college office on their landing.

When they arrive in Moscow, the understudies will be met by a CEC representative at the airport, who will direct them from the airport to the College Lodging. The following day, the agent will assist them in paying the school charges and administrative expenses in the college where you will enroll in the MBBS program. The understudy will have no problems because he or she will be guided throughout the entire affirmation process. CEC will accompany the young students at each stage of their journey on a remote land.

CEC Give the following organizations to their understudies:

  • Obtaining an Affirmation Letter from College. Obtaining an Affirmation Letter from College. Obtaining a Welcome Letter from the Russian Alliance's Service of Outside Issues.
  • Visa from a Russian international safe haven, including visa fees.
  • Movement leeway for Movement to Russia
  • Get the understudy on his or her first flight to Russia.
  • Giving Indian feast on entry and allowing understudies to communicate with their families via phone.
  • Russia's Enrollment

In Russian restorative schools, the following reports are required for affirmation:

  • Filtered duplicate of the filled admission shape Filtered duplicate of class twelfth passing authentication and stamp sheet (higher auxiliary endorsement with scholastic transcript)Filtered duplicate of class tenth check sheet
  • 6 International ID shaded photos (4.5cm/3.5cm) in white foundation
  • Duplicate travel permit examined (first and last page)
  • Please contact us at 91-9814610782 if you have any further questions or need clarification.
  • TATKAL International ID SCHEME (if understudies don't have ID, they can apply for pressing travel permits based on the confirmation letter.
  • Understudies who wish to pursue MBBS in Russia or another country should obtain a qualification declaration from the Restorative Gathering of India (MCI). Continental Instructing Experts will assist you in applying for the same.