Study in New Zealand

About New Zealand

Capital : Wellington
Largest City : Auckland
Government :Unitary Parliamentary, Constitutional monarchy
Prime Minister : John Key
Dialing code : 0064
Currency : New Zealand dollar (NZD)
Exchange Rate per NZD : Rs. 46/-to Rs. 49/- (Approx)
Area : 268,021 km2
Type of Country: Common wealth
Population : 4.4 Million
Official languages : English, Maori

Visa Requirements

  1. Draft for Rs 14,600/ – favoring “Service OF BUSINESS INNOVATION and EMPLOYMENT ” Payable AT PAR, MUMBAI.
  2. Draft for Rs. 950/ – favoring “TT SERVICES” Payable at Chandigarh.
  3. 4 Passport estimate Photographs with White foundation.
  4. OCapability Documents (Original and Photocopy) from Matriculation onwards, Senior Secondary, Graduation, IELTS Score.
  5. PCC and Medical for New Zealand.
  6. International ID (Original and Photocopy)
  7. Monetary Documents/Education Loan.
  8. Salary Tax Returns for all supporters (3 Years) and Pan Card
  9. Work Experience Letter (Photocopy)
  10. Phone Numbers of Banks, where stores are held.
  11. Stamp Papers
  12. 25/ – for Self
  13. 25/ – for Parents
  14. 20/ – for each extra Sponsor

Student Working Rights

Understudy can work upto 20 hours every week amid the scholarly year gave he/she is selected in a full time course of concentrate that meets one of the criteria recorded beneath.

The understudy is attempted no less than 1.5 to 2 years in length course at a private/open preparing foundation or tertiary organizations.

The course prompts a New Zealand capability that meets all requirements for focuses under the Skilled Migrant Category of Immigration New Zealand’s Residence Instructions.

The Student can work all day amid the Vacations.

The work rights for Dependents i.e Spouse of understudy on Work Visa can work all day in NZ. Notwithstanding, the wards of understudies on guest visa have no work rights.

Post study work rights

Understudies who finish both of the accompanying capabilities by concentrate in New Zealand are qualified for a year open work allow:

  • A capability at level 7 or above on the New Zealand Qualification Framework and concentrated that capability in New Zealand for no less than one scholastic year ; OR
  • A one and half year to two year capability at level 5 to 6 on the New Zealand Qualification Framework andstudied that capability in New Zealand for no less than one and half year to two scholarly years

Set of accepted rules:

As our CEO Mrs. Anisha Gupta is a LICENSED IMMIGRATION ADVISER from IAA NZ. Her IAA License no. is 200902725. So she is bound by the set of accepted rules of IAA Nz. The connection for Code of Conduct of IAA are as under :-

Disclaimer : We have given the subtle elements as indicated by the best of our insight and winning standards of the nation, which are liable to changes every once in a while.